The Strategy Behind A Successful Career Transition

by Shawn

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Some say it’s a terrible time to be a job seeker.  Those that are gamefully employed are fearful of possible layoffs. The unhappily employed refuse to make a career transition, opting to playing it “safe” and not rock the boat.

Take the Leap - Career Transitions

Well, with the right attitude and strategy, you may be able to make the leap to the next great job opportunity. Nicole Irene Gay of (PMP) provides powerful strategies for putting you at the helm of your career transition.

She has just launched the site which offers a myriad of services which help you improve your chances of having a resume read, landing the interview and getting the job!

Ultimately, it’s possible to improve your income level and obtain the means to get ahead of bills and eliminate debt.

Interview with Nicole of

In a recent interview with 10 Talent Wealth, Nicole provides some insight into her PMP offerings as well as specific advice for those looking to uplevel their current career or to create a bridge to the next opportunity.

Here’s the Q&A:


Hey, Nicole, thanks so much for agreeing to this interview and sharing your perspectives on making job hunters more successful! So, tell me, What inspired you to create the PMP website?

Nicole On Inspiration:

I had been working in career services for a number of years and had always had sort of a knack for resume writing in particular.  One day, a colleague of mine referred his friend to me to look over her resume.  When I finished correcting it and cleaning it up, it looked like a brand new document.  

At that moment, I thought to myself “Man, I really polished this up!” and voila! That is how I came up with the name Polish Me Professional.  I designed the logo a few days later and launched the site a week after that. 

I added additional services as the need arose and before I knew it, we went from resumes to interviews and career assessments!  When we added the job board and the blog, the hits to our site went from maybe 40 a day to over 200!


That’s fantastic! It seems you’ve hit a hot topic and an area where your skills can help professionals go where they haven’t dared to go before.

I’ve always been curious about the times I’ve failed to get a call back, or reasons why my resume did not get me a return call or an interview. Tell us Nicole,  What are the top three things people do wrong in resume creation, and interviewing?

Nicole on Resume Writing and Interview Errors:

When it comes to resume writing people tend to:

1) Undersell their skills and experience;

2) Use the wrong format for to represent their experience; and

3) Forget to proofread their document.

To the first point, people generally assume that if they have held a mundane job or a position that they feel is either boring or self-explanatory, there is no need to polish it up on their resume.  This is an example of underselling yourself.  A resume gives employers a chance to see how well you write and how well you can articulate yourself.

So, it is really important that people don’t forget to include important or vivid details in their job descriptions. Saying you are a teacher is one thing; but, saying that you’ve taught over 40,000 students is another and is much more attractive to employers.

Secondly, many job seekers use the basic chronological format for their resume.  This can prove to be a disservice to them because chronological resumes emphasize longevity and some job-seekers don’t have that background.  In this case, a functional or skill based resume would prove to be a better choice because it focuses the readers’ attention on their skill and talent, not their longevity.

Lastly, typos abound in resumes!  Many people rely on their built-in spell check to do the work for them.  However, some words may be spelled correctly but may be the wrong word for that sentence (think: “manger” vs. “manager”).  Reading aloud will help the job-seeker catch more errors in grammar and spelling than just allowing the spell-check feature to do it.


So then, it’s vitally important to provide your job history in the right format for the position to which you are applying. Got it!

Now you have the perfect formatting for the occasion with no errors. You land the job interview. Tell us the worst interviewing faux pas.

Nicole on Interviewing Faux Pas:

In terms of interviewing, the top three mistakes people make are:

1) Not researching the company;

2) Not preparing questions to ask during the interview; and,

3) Failing to follow up with a thank you card/note.

The key thing to remember about interviews is that they are all about showing INTEREST.  You want to show interest before you go (by researching the company and understanding its mission and goals), while you are there (taking notes) and afterwards (sending a thank you note to each interviewer within 24 hours).


Your point about the “Thank You” note is spot on. I have gotten great feedback during my career when I have used a hand-written thank you note on beautiful stationery. It’s a memorable personal touch.

Also, when I conduct interviews the level of interest and preparedness distinguishes one candidate from another. It’s a key component of a successful interview and could very well be the differentiating factor between you and another similarly qualified individual.

Let’s dive into the making of a resume that POPs. You’ve coined the term Professional Online Presence on your site.  If I want to stand head and shoulders above the resume writing crowd, What’s the first step to take in constructing a resume that POPs? How does one resume stand out over another?

Nicole on POP and Making Your Resume Stand Out:

The first step to creating a resume that POPs is to review the job description or position to which you are applying.  Knowing that will help you tailor your resume to that job more effectively. Again, avoiding the top three mistakes we discussed before will be instrumental in making your resume stand out from the pack.


That’s a great point. You can’t use a cut-and-paste approach to resume creation. It does take some thought to dig into the company and perhaps the interviewers to help hone in on the resume/cover letter combination that will make a difference in your success rate.

What I know about you, Nicole, is that you enjoy helping people. What’s the most exciting or fulfilling thing you’ve done to help people in this area?

Nicole on Why She’s So Motivated To Help You in Your Career Transition:

Every resume or cover letter or career assessment that I’ve done has been exciting for me because my personal goal is to never have “cookie cutter” services.  What I mean is this: each person should have a unique look and feel to their professional documents.

To this end, the fact that we don’t use templates, we don’t use stock phrases in job descriptions and we make a great effort to personalize the service given to each person, makes every assignment fulfilling!


Finally, as we wrap up this post, Nicole, could you summarize by telling the 10TW readers What service(s) or product(s) do you offer to help people in making career transitions?

Nicole Wraps Up on PMP Services and Offerings:

We offer a full range of services to help career changers!  The cover letter we can provide can help job seekers explain the transition they are making from one field to the next.  Additionally, we can help people craft a resume that highlights their transferable skills so employers can see how they would fit into their company.

We also support career changers by giving them customized interview practice so that they can gain competency in answering anticipated questions.  Along with these services, we offer a free to search, free to apply Job Board that can link job seekers to thousands of jobs nationwide!

Coupled with our personal service and individual consultation, Polish Me Professional helps people feel confident about their professional presentation and materials.


Well this has been an awesome interview! 10TW Readers please feel free to leave a comment below about your good and bad resume writing and interview experiences. Feel free to share any tips you may have.

You can contact Nicole Gay as listed below.

Thanks so much, Nicole, for coming up with such an innovative and timely service. We wish you the best!

CLICK HERE for Nicole's Resume Creation Services


Toll-Free Phone: (888) – 974 – 8328  ext. 0

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Penna July 16, 2012 at 11:56 pm

He has definitely shared some of the most important points one needs to bear in mind to be successful


Shawn McLeod August 3, 2012 at 4:01 pm

Hi Penna,
Thanks so much for leaving a comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the article.


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