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Our Mission:

10TalentWealth.com will inspire and motivate Christian women with bible-centered tools and resources to improve financial literacy, increase saving, reduce debt, and increase financial awareness.

10TW’s ultimate goal is to help Christian Women have a greater impact in the world through building kingdom wealth, increasing financial empowerment, and providing money management knowledge and skills training. We provide practical tips through articles, e-books and videos on personal money management.

The 10TW Staff hope to see giving in our Christian churches and communities increase dramatically as a result. Families will be strengthened by greater purpose, ability and provision.

A Quick Profile:

As a Christian woman, I became very interested in understanding what the Word of God has to say about managing personal finance with excellence and faithfully handling the resources God has assigned me and my family.

I am particularly interested in finding ways to apply God’s wisdom to my finances, and to help others as the Lord has helped me.

Developing discipline concerning your personal finances can be a daunting task. As I have struggled and had successes as well as failures, I have become much more determined to improve our family’s finances and to build generational wealth.

I am involved in Women’s Ministry with my church. I want to use this blog as a means of helping other women who struggle with their finances.

What’s Behind the Blog Name?

The idea for the site’s name was inspired by the Bible passage in Matthew 25: 14-30, the Parable of the Talents. In this passage, Jesus gives a kingdom illustration about a rich lord who was about to go on a long journey. Before departing, he distributed his wealth to his three servants to manage while he was away.

In those days, a talent was a measure of weight, usually of some precious metal like gold. Each servant was given a certain number of talents. To one servant he gave 5 talents, to one he gave 2 talents, and to the third servant he gave 1 talent. The lord expected that they would each do a great job managing his money for him while he was away.

As it turns out, the 5-Talent servant increased his lord’s money the most. The 1-Talent servant did nothing but bury his talent. When reckoning day came, as it always does when you’re handling someone else’s money, things did not go well for 1-Talent. He had to give up his talent to 5-Talent, who had managed to double his portion to 10-Talents. 1-Talent suffered great loss because of his poor stewardship.

With the information and interaction from the 10TW site, we hope to make you a  10-Talent Wealth Manager. With God’s resources, you will be able to have the knowledge and necessary skills to not only keep the Lord’s money, but, to make it grow by leaps and bounds, having plenty left over to generously give.

We hope you enjoy the 10TW Site!

Connect with Us:

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We welcome your comments and discussion.

Best Wishes to you in your financial journey!

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